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Industrial equipment

We rebuild, repair and build industrial machines 

What we do

Equipment Manufactuting

Industrial Equipment Manufacture
Equipment maintenance and repair 
Equipment installation
Technical assistance 


Adjust Machines

We are a company that has a team of technicians with training and experience in the design of specific equipment directed to the industry in general and especially to the industries of thermoplastic pipes, plastics and profiles, electric cables and cables, for which we produce and / or improve various equipment.


We offer high quality and guaranteed products.


We offer our customers the best service.

Adjust Machines -  Máquinas Industriais

Adjust Machines - Industrial Equipment

Equipment built to last

What we do

Reasons to choose our company

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Engineering of Excellence

Our experience in Project simultaneous with design and construction and with a strong commitment of Excellence enables Adjust Machines to present an Engineering solution more suitable to each application.

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Equipment tailored to your business

We have the resources and flexibility to offer customized solutions according to your needs.


Full Manufacturing

Adjust Machines, offers a complete solution, from
Engineering, Design, Manufacturing,
Mechanical and electrical assembly.

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Customer services

We have specialized technicians who can carry out the complete installation of equipment, start it and provide technical assistance.

Adjust Machines - Equipamentos Industriais
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